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OUR COMPACT SIZE, PREMIUM QUALITY GAFFER TAPE – Does what duct tape can do without leaving a mess and destroying whatever it is stuck to.

YOUR GEAR, CABLES AND SURFACE ARE SAFE AND INTACT – Whatever you use Pro Edge tape on, it holds it down solid but is very easily taken off, leaving no stickiness or residue. The adhesive will not peal back up. Your gear, cables or whatever surface it is used on will remain protected and completely undamaged.

GREAT FOR CRAFTS AND DIY PROJECTS – Book binding, framing photo edges and taping it on the wall.

NON-REFLECTIVE, EASY TO RIP AND TEAR AND FULLY WATERPROOF –  It blends discreetly into the background and you won’t even know it’s there; need just a few inches, or several little sticks? Very easily rips with your fingers. This a strong, tough, cotton cloth laminated pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties.

GREAT AROUND THE HOUSE ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR OFFICE AND TRAVEL – The uses are endless; secure your computer, TV or any other cables down to the floor and out of harms way; tape doors and windows to prevent draughts, secure boxes, fix appliances; Pro-Edge gaffer tape has multiple uses around the home, office, workshop, garden…it’s even used for boat and car repairs!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We sell real Pro-Edge gaffer tape and, we back it up with a replacement roll or full refund if you’re not satisfied.

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When you work in film, radio, or production, you need professional-grade gaffers tape to ensure your area is clean, safe and productive.
Gaffer tape is one of the most universal and effective solutions for securing, repairing, and protecting a wide variety of tools, items, cables, wires and more.
Our premium Pro-Edge 1.5” wide gaffers tape offers versatile, and highly-effective tape that can be used in a wide variety of industries. It keeps its edge, removes cleanly, won’t damage your items, and offers the same tough hold you’d find with the strongest duct tape.
Features and benefits of our heavy duty gaffer tape:

  • Low-Gloss Backing
  • Non-Reflective
  • PE Coated / Waterproof
  • Superior Adhesive (leaves no residue)
  • 1.5” Wide x 40 Feet Long

Versatile Uses:

  • Great for projects around the house
  • Handles a wide range of temperatures and weather
  • Works as hockey tape, sealing tape, wire repair and book binding
  • Film, Radio, Broadcasting, Lighting, Audio/Visual, Photography and More


Gaffer Tape Professional Pro-Edge Cloth Tape

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