This tape is non-reflective, easy to rip and tear and fully waterproof – It blends discreetly into the background and you won’t even know it’s there; need just a few inches, or several little sticks? Very easily rips with your fingers. This a strong, tough, cotton cloth laminated pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties.

Great around the house essential for your office and travel – The uses are endless; secure your computer, TV or any other cables down to the floor and out of harms way; tape doors and windows to prevent draughts, secure boxes, fix appliances; Pro-Edge gaffer tape has multiple uses around the home, office, workshop, garden…it’s even used for boat and car repairs!



Book Binding


Features and benefits of our heavy duty gaffer tape:

  • Low-Gloss Backing
  • Non-Reflective
  • PE Coated / Waterproof
  • Superior Adhesive (leaves no residue)
  • 1.5” Wide x 40 Feet Long

Versatile Uses:

  • Great for projects around the house
  • Handles a wide range of temperatures and weather
  • Works as hockey tape, sealing tape, wire repair and book binding
  • Film, Radio, Broadcasting, Lighting, Audio/Visual, Photography and More

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